The studio

Virtual Move Studio is an independent animation studio based near Lyon since 2009.

Specialized in 3D animation, we offer outsourcing services related to movement.

Whether you need to animate cartoon characters or realistic virtual actors, we propose various techniques to create your animations:

  • Keyframe animation.
  • Motion capture with a VICON optical system.
  • Key Mocap which is a mix between mocap and keyframe.

You have already made a model, Virtual Move Studio handles the preparation of the characters to be animated, creating the skeleton and controls, it is the Rigging.

You have just an idea, a character design, VMS works with the talented and competent team of GFactory to create your models. ↓

Used to work closely with the world of video games for 14 years, VMS can also create scripts to manage the automatic export of animations to game engines.

Virtual Move Studio's Demoreel